Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mother's Day in September?

Today began unlike any other for me! A few minutes after I got up this morning my phone rang. I had to hurry to get to it and thought the caller had hung up when I heard no response after several times of saying "hello." Finally I heard a faint voice saying, "Ello?" I instantly knew it was not an American-born speaker on the other end of the line.

I don't think I can convey to you my astonishment when the voice replied in French, "This is Emmanuel." Emmanuel--the child I raised in Africa, from whom I've never before heard directly; with whom I've never before had an adult conversation! Yes, it was my Emmanuel.

The conversation was not altogether satisfying because it was not a good connection, and his French is far superior to mine. I had trouble following him at times. I should not be surprised that he speaks French very well because his years of school have all been in French.

A missionary friend of mine recently visited Ivory Coast. When I knew he was going there, I asked if he would deliver some gifts from me to Emmanuel and his family. I sent out a French study Bible for Emmanuel and another for his guardian, vitamins for the whole family, a gift for his adoptive sister, who is married to his guardian, and some things for the new baby in that household. So Emmanuel was calling me this morning to thank me for the Bible I sent.

Pray for him, please. He is starting his last year of regular school. Even though he is now 22, it is not unusual that he is not yet finished with high school. Children are not usually placed in school as early as they are here. In addition to that, he has lost several years of school because of the civil war that tore that country apart for several years. Once he graduates, there is no guarantee that he will be able to find employment. The unemployment rate in that country is very high! So pray with me about the Lord's will for his life, and rejoice with me over a very special Mother's Day gift in September!
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