Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow in Grand Rapids

I wanted to let you visit me today by means of my blog. The picture on the left is of the first house on my street. Notice the black item in the middle of the snow bank? That's the mailbox. I've never before seen snow piled higher than mailboxes. We've had so much snow; there is no place to put it. Today it is in the 30s and snow and ice have already begun thawing, for which I'm very grateful.

The second house is mine--well, half of it is. You may remember that I live on a street where there are zero lot-line houses. That means that you buy half of the house. It's like a duplex except that both sides of the duplex are usually owned by the same person. In our case, we buy half of the building. My half is the one closest to you.

This seems like a good time for me to ask you to thank the Lord for my deacon, who has spent hours cleaning my driveway and sidewalks. He's done this each year for the past three winters. I'm praying the Lord will richly reward him because he refuses to accept even a gift for all his hard work. We have a city ordinance that states that we must clean our sidewalks if there is an inch or more of snow. Believe me, we've had that much day after day after day this winter. We're now up to about 95 inches of snow for the season. Can you see why I feel the need to get out of my house and into a condo? Will you pray with me about that?

I understand that my younger sister and her husband were without power for 2 1/2 days in southwestern Indiana. That would be miserable in this weather. And they don't have a fireplace.

The young man who is raising support to be in charge of the Text Production Department at Bibles International, Troy Manning, was injured yesterday in a sledding accident, as I understand it. They believe he has fractured some vertebrae, although he has no paralysis, for which we are grateful. Pray for him, as the Lord brings him to mind.

Well, I have things to do before going back to church this evening and then to work tomorrow. Thanks for praying for me and with me.
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Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

Oh the weather outside is frightful - and the Super Bowl will be delightful... And since we can't see the road...
Let it Snow
Let it Snow
Let it Snow!

Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

So glad you have the help you need. Stay warm!!

Susan said...

Wow - your place looks much different than that summer day when I saw it. What a nice guy to keep you plowed out!