Friday, May 8, 2009

A Beautiful Time to be in Grand Rapids

I wish you could see the beauty that surrounds us here in West Michigan these days. It is awe inspiring to see the handiwork of the Lord. If it is this beautiful here on a fallen earth, what must Heaven be like?

The Bradford pear trees are outdoing themselves. The flowering crab trees are delightful, and the tulip trees are in full bloom, to say nothing of the flowers. Tulips, creeping phlox, spirea, and other flowers and plants are simply breathtaking. It's delightful to look out the window onto this tree.

I still recall the first spring I lived in Michigan. I moved up here on Thanksgiving weekend. It was not snowing the day I arrived, but it started snowing within a few days and snowed almost every day throughout the rest of November and December, and intermittently through the following winter months. By April I had had my share of snow even though there were still some patches of dirty snow hidden on the north sides of buildings.

Then came spring and I embraced it with enthusiasm. I was amazed at the beauty surrounding me after a long, cold, snowy winter. I think I'm experiencing some of those same emotions this year. It's been a long, cold, snowy winter again these past months, but we had inches of rain falling in April and the trees and flowers are outdoing themselves because of it.

It is Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan, of course. I've not been over there, but I've heard from friends that it is beautiful.

I need your prayers. I've been asked to write the script for a DVD that will be used to explain one of our new projects--the Haitian Creole Old Testament. You may remember that our director is from Haiti, so of course, I want to do a good job with the script so that he will be happy with the finished product. Please pray with me that I will know the Lord's direction as I try to put this together. I have a very extensive outline I'm following. I thought it would be easy to do after I wrote such a detailed outline, but it's not coming together like I'd like. Will you pray for me in these days?

As you know, we always need your prayers, so please continue to pray for us at Bibles International on a regular basis.
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