Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One of my Michigan Families

I served as a photographer for the Fogle Family about ten days ago. They had all gathered together for a rare occasion. Usually one or more of them is overseas. But Janine had come home from Zambia for her brother Ryan's recent wedding.

I'd like to introduce you to this family, and you will quickly notice that most of them are red haired. From the left, standing on the arbor, is Joshua Gould, the Fogles' oldest grandchild. Next to him is his mother, Aimee (Fogle) Gould, holding her youngest, Jessica. Husband Bob Gould is behind her. Next is Larry. In front of him is Allyson Gould. His wife, Sallie, is slightly off to the side of him. Next is Becky Fogle, Ryan's new bride of about a month, then Ryan, and finally Janine.

The Fogles have been all that a family could and should be to me since I've been in Grand Rapids. They've gone out of their way so many times to help me. I've spent most of my holidays at their home when I didn't go down to southwestern Indiana to be with my biological family.

Now the Lord is moving them on. Sallie's parents are beginning to need help, so Larry and Sallie will be moving to Roanoke, Virginia, where her parents live. They will be able to continue their ministry from there, just as easily as they have from here. (They were with Bibles International when I came up here but the Lord moved them out of that ministry and into a new one about two and a half years ago.)

I will miss them acutely. But since they are sure this is what the Lord has for them, I must bid them godspeed. Since I moved from one continent to another to care for my parents, how can I say anything when they believe the Lord is leading them to move from one state to another?

They are down in Virginia now, since Sallie's parents' home has a good offer on it. Her parents have lived on 20 acres on the top of a mountain, and that is more property than they need now. So Larry and Sallie are beginning to help them get rid of things they've collected through the past years so that they can downsize to a smaller place.

Larry and Sallie's house is on the market here in Grand Rapids. Pray that it will sell soon. They have a very nice home in a lovely neighborhood. They are trusting the Lord to bring them a buyer soon.
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