Saturday, July 11, 2009

Awarding of Service Pins

It was a privilege to attend the Baptist Mid-Missions Annual Meeting held in Elyria, Ohio, this past week. I went with two of my missionary colleagues and enjoyed the time immensely.

Tuesday evening was one of the highlights of the meeting. Missionaries who have served 20 years or more are awarded service pins at five year increments. Among those being honored this year were my friend, Jacqueline Eaton, pictured in the black and white jacket on the left. She had served with her husband for many years in church planting and development (which means they worked in churches in the US, either starting them, or working with them to help strengthen them). Jackie's husband is now with the Lord, and she has been working at Bibles International since 2005. She was awarded a pin for 45 years of ministry.

Another couple, Richard and Nancy Teachout, received pins for 40 years of service. Two women not related to Bibles International, each received pins for 50 years of service.

It's always an encouragement to see these people who have faithfully served the Lord throughout many years of ministry being honored. It is also challenging.
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Susan said...

You know such interesting people! It sounds like a nice ceremony. The weekend trip went well - Dad had a mini "Barnett reunion" at his place and we spent a day at Mom's too. Sunday we stopped at Jill's new house on the way home.

Betsy said...

Hi Elaine! What a nice surprise to see you comment on my blog. Looks like the conference went well. I'm sure my mother-in-law, Merle, was missed this year.