Sunday, July 5, 2009

My July Flowers

I'm sure it's easy for you to detect one of my favorite colors by simply looking at my flowers. One of the ladies who has been in my Bible study each year I've led it knows that I don't like yellow, orange, or red flowers. She got me the beautiful stargazer lilies that are now in full bloom. The lily in the first picture is slightly different from the one in the two bottom pictures.

A friend was over here working in my yard a couple of weeks ago. When he looked at my pink geraniums, he commented that he'd rarely seen pink ones. Well since that is one of my favorite colors, I always try to find them when buying geraniums, even though red ones are much more common.

Thank you for praying for me when I made my trip to far, southwestern Indiana. This week many Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries will be making their way to the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Some have already begun the trip. As many of us as possible will be meeting in Elyria, Ohio, at First Baptist Church, where we will attend the annual meeting of our mission. The meetings are from Monday evening through Thursday night's session. These meetings are a highlight of our year, with many of our colleagues being honored for their years of faithful ministry to the Lord through our mission. One of my missionary colleague-friends, Jackie Eaton, will be honored for 45 continuous years of service.

I will be traveling over with my colleagues, Glenn and Becky Kerr. Because of other responsibilities, we'll only go over for two days. We plan to leave on Tuesday morning, arriving in time for dinner and the evening meeting, and return on Thursday morning.

Please pray for God's blessings on the meetings and for safety as many of us travel. Thank you for holding the ropes for us.
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