Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Praise the Lord!

I hope you'll rejoice with me at an answer to prayer that I received today. In my last prayer letter you may remember that I mentioned a God-sized problem. Well, He has taken care of it in a very positive way, and I can't fail to thank Him.

Near the end of April I had an outpatient surgical procedure. I had the procedure preapproved and jumped through all the appropriate hoops before the surgery. I was in the hospital less than five hours and later got a bill for $16,807 and some change. The insurance company subsequently sent an Explanation of Benefits saying they could not pay the bill without further documentation. I called the hospital billing department, telling them that and they promised they would send the appropriate documentation right away.

About three or four weeks ago I got a bill from the hospital saying my insurance company had not paid and that I would therefore be responsible for the entire amount. To say that I was concerned would be an understatement!

I called the man at Baptist Mid-Missions who administers our insurance program. He immediately contacted our insurance carrier, and then the waiting began. Today I got an email saying that on October 16 they paid the negotiated amount and that "the patient will owe zero on this account." Let me tell you, that was quite the birthday present. (Remember that October 16 is my birthday!)

Please join me in praising the Lord for what He has done. I am very grateful.


Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

It is wonderful you have the man at Baptist Mid Missions who went to bat for your cause. So many people need an advocate - especially helpless children!

Susan said...

Yay! I can see why that would have been a huge concern ...