Saturday, November 14, 2009

Piano and Organ Duet

Three ladies from my church and I went to an organ and piano concert last night in the Grand Rapids Public Museum (as opposed to the presidential museum just across the street that honors Grand Rapids' favorite son--former President Gerald R. Ford). The concert was very interesting. The couple putting on the concert, a husband and wife team, are Dale and Gail Zieger. (Are those their original names, or have they changed them so they have a better ring to them? I don't know.)

The organ is a huge, old Wurlitzer instrument with so many interesting sounds. My oldest niece, Susan, who often laments the languishing and approaching death of the organ, for lack of interest, would have been enthralled. What a musician Mr. Zieger is! I do not exaggerate when I say that he created sounds on the organ I didn't know it was possible to create with that instrument.

Gail arranged most of their music. She obviously plays both by note and by ear. They played a variety of music including semi-classical, patriotic, show tunes, musicals, hymns, and other genres. As one of the ladies mentioned when we were leaving, "That was the best ten dollars I ever spent. There was something there for everyone!" She's right.


Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

Would that Susan could have gone to the concert, with you!

Susan said...

yes, I would love to have gone ... sounds wonderful!!