Friday, February 26, 2010

The Way it Looks up Here!

I wish I could have taken this with a car sitting in the foreground or something to give you perspective. This is the snow piled up behind the parking lot at Bibles International. I took this picture on Monday. Since then, it has snowed three out of four days. I would guess that the height of the piles of snow is probably about 17 feet, but I'm pretty poor at estimating heights, so I may be off by several feet either way.

At this time of the year, where to pile the snow becomes a problem any year that we have average or greater snowfall (average is 72 inches/season in Grand Rapids). The most obvious problem is where to push the snow at the edge of a parking lot that butts up against a street. There is a church parking lot less than a mile from my home where they have pushed the snow into the corner. The only problem is that one has to advance out into the street in order to see if there is a car coming on the street that has the right of way. I'm sure our problems are minor compared to those on the eastern seaboard. All I can do is tell you what it looks like here.

On an entirely different note, I'm battling a cold/sore throat/cough/sinus problem and would appreciate your prayers. We've been passing this around the office on an equal-opportunity basis. Some are sicker than I. Would you pray that we'd all get well and be able to come up to full speed, so that we could continue the Lord's work without being hampered by this?

This is a really exciting time at BI. Dedications of Scriptures have occurred for two languages and another is scheduled in May. But when the Lord is at work, the devil works too. We are facing a challenging time in our finances. The Lord has always taken care of His work, and we can trust Him now, as always. But we would appreciate your prayers.
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Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

This sounds like a downer to me. Snow piled up to the rafters and possibly much higher, you and your coworkers are all sniffling, and your employer has money woes. I hope your next post has some high water marks.

Elaine said...

It did have! You missed the part about it being an exciting time to be working at BI, with two recent dedications of Scriptures and another soon to be done. Believe me, those are high water marks!

Susan said...

You were pretty brave to move to GR, known for all that snow. I'm seeing why a lot of seniors head to FL in the winter. It's sounding good right about now!