Sunday, April 18, 2010

Research Continues

I'm still doing research on the history of Bibles International, the organization with which I've been serving since 1998. It is to be a thorough, detailed history of this organization that will be 30 years old next year. We hope to have a celebration that will remind all those interested that this is an organization/mission started by missionaries who knew nothing about starting a Bible society, but determined to follow God's leading and watch Him build this organization from the ground up.

In order to be able to write this book, I'm reading through hundreds of thousands of pages of historical documents. My research time is running out, since I'm to have completed the writing by the end of February. Please pray with me. Pray that I'll know when I must stop researching and start writing. Pray that the Lord will lead me to the documents that are of greatest importance. Most of all, pray that I'll be able to demonstrate the faithfulness of God to our organization, Bibles International, and its parent mission, Baptist Mid-Missions, throughout these past years. I want this book to honor Him.

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