Sunday, July 25, 2010

Writing Continues

I continue writing the history book, along with other responsibilities I have these days. It may not be immediately obvious to you as you look at this picture, but every surface in my work space is covered with papers. That includes the chair behind me. No space is untouched! I have finished the rough draft of the first two chapters, taking me through the middle of 1984. But that leaves 27 more years to write about, including next year. Please continue to pray. I have had both encouraging words and some not so encouraging this past week. Pray that I'll keep my focus on the task before me, not allowing discouragements to stop the progress.

Some of you prayed for me as I went to Oakfield Baptist Church today. This is a church about 35 miles from here, one of two supporting churches in Michigan. It was good to be with them again and fellowship together over a potluck dinner. The food was delicious and the fellowship was sweet. The best part was that I had no vertigo nor pressure in my head until after I returned home. For those of you who prayed about that, thank you.

My little Yorkie, Precious, was a year old July 15. I took her to the veterinarian to have her weighed so I would know how much she weighed at that age. She is still three pounds and three ounces. Since she is now a year old, and since she hasn't gained weight in the past couple of months, I assume she has reached her full growth. She's just a little handful, and I continue to enjoy her.
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