Friday, September 23, 2011

Wildlife and other Things

You'll notice the title is "wildlife" not a "wild life." My life is anything but wild, but I did see some wildlife this evening. I find it interesting that living in Grand Rapids, I see wildlife that I never saw growing up on a farm in the middle of farming country. Once again, I saw about half a dozen wild turkeys as I drove through one of the suburbs after work this evening. Amazing! Why do they congregate in Grand Rapids, when I never saw one as a child or teen in the southwestern part of Indiana? Are they that much more plentiful now than they were then? If this had been the first time I had seen them since moving to Grand Rapids, I might not be quite as surprised. But I've seen them probably at least a half dozen times since I've moved to Grand Rapids.

We had visitors in the Bibles International office this week. Roger and Norene Russ, Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries to Ghana came to work with our chief translation coordinator. For many years, Roger and Norene have been working with Ghanaian nationals to translate the New Testament into the Dagaare language, spoken in the northwestern part of Ghana. The work is nearing completion, and BI will be publishing a trial edition soon. It will be so exciting when the completed New Testament is in the hands of this people group, who have waited for years for this privilege.

In the meantime, Text Editor Don Block continues to format the Bualkhaw New Testament, the Zotung New Testament, the Quechua New Testament and selected Old Testament books for the Warao people. The first two languages are spoken in southeast Asia, the Quechua is spoken in Peru, and the Warao is spoken in Venezuela. There will be much rejoicing when these four people groups receive these Scriptures in their heart languages. Pray that it might be soon.

Thanks again for your prayers on my behalf. I appreciate them very much.

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Susan said...

Wow -- there is always so much going on at BI! It must be very exciting to be in the midst of it all.
Interesting about the turkeys. Today I saw something run across the road as I drove home. It looked like a thin fox with a long, furry tail. People always talk about coyotes around here so maybe this was one?? I've never seen one before.