Sunday, January 8, 2012

The First Week in January in Review

It was good to get back to work at Bibles International this week, after a rather treacherous trip back through parts of Indiana. I'm so thankful I was able to visit with most of my family near Seymour and Evansville, Indiana. And I'm grateful that the Lord protected me over the 1,000 miles I drove round trip.

Now, I'm back in my routine and thankful for it. Things are busy at Bibles International, which they almost always are. Yesterday an intern left for Central African Republic, where she will be working with seasoned personnel on the Sango Bible. Due to changes in orthography mandated by the government, this Bible needs to be revised. All work on Scripture is important, but this one is very important, as the Sango Bible is the first one translated by Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries. The chief language consultant will leave on Tuesday, so that he too can be involved in this important project.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. It started out with a wedding ceremony at 10:00, scheduled at that hour so that it could be streamed live to the groom's family in Zambia. Since the wedding is on the northeastern outskirts of Grand Rapids, it meant for an early start to the day. The wedding featured some American customs and some Zambian customs, so it was truly unique.

After the wedding and reception were over, my friend and missionary colleague, Becky Kerr, and I went to the Breton Village Mall in Grand Rapids to see a train display. As you can see, Thomas the Train was featured, along with several other trains. This display has been set up every year for more than 25 years. It's my first time to see it, or even learn of it. And it was none too soon, since this is the last year it will be displayed.

I'm looking forward to this week, and to what the Lord might have for me. For one of our young associates, it will be a week of huge change, since she will be departing the US to go to language study in Bordeaux, France, in preparation for eventual ministry in Chad, Africa. Pray for Anna Beth as she faces many new experiences.
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Susan said...

It sounds like your 2012 is off to a good start. It must be really exciting to work so closely with the Bible being made available for the first time to people! The wedding and train show sound awesome too. Thankfully we have good weather so far ...