Friday, March 23, 2012

Events in Grand Rapids


As is happening throughout the Midwest, spring has come early to Grand Rapids. In fact, the high on Wednesday was 87 degrees, 40 degrees higher than normal. While I have enjoyed the beautiful weather enormously, I am concerned about the impact this may have on the fruit. Fruit farming is a way of life for many families in this area of Michigan. If there is a frost before the crops are ripe, which is very likely, those crops will be ruined, leaving the fruit farmers with enormous loss. My heart aches for them. Once a farm girl, always a farm girl, I guess.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the beauty of the flowers, flowering trees, and bushes. The tree pictured above is just outside the employee entrance at Bibles International and is unusually beautiful this year.

Two important things related to Bibles International have happened this week. On Sunday, Text Editor Don Block was taken to the hospital with severe pain in his head, a near loss of consciousness, and disturbed balance. He had fallen weeks ago on black ice. He told us about hitting his head when he fell. Since that time, headaches had been increasing in intensity. He had seen his family doctor and a neurologist but they had not been able to ascertain the cause of his problems. Tests had been done, but the results were inconclusive. In the ER on Sunday, a CT scan was ordered. That test revealed that he had been bleeding from two spots in his brain. Surgery would be needed to relieve the pressure and drain the blood. That surgery, done on Monday morning, immediately began to relieve Don's suffering. As of yesterday afternoon, he is at home. Pray for his wife, Pat, as she tries to help him comply with his enforced rest for a month. Anyone who knows Don knows that will be difficult for him. Please join us in thanking the Lord for what He did on behalf of Don and Pat, and on behalf of BI.

A second thing happened on Wednesday, when another New Testament was sent to the printer. People in India are eagerly awaiting the Inpui Naga New Testament. Pray that the work on this Scripture will be done quickly and accurately and that the Lord will use it for His glory in days and years to come.
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Susan said...

What beautiful trees! I think our trees and flowers here are prettier than I remember them in the past. Last night's light frost doesn't seem to have hurt things.
Glad to hear your editor is hopefully on the road to recovery. Awesome about a new New Testament as well :)