Friday, October 12, 2012

October Surprises and Other Things

During our devotions this morning at work, the doorbell rang. We must keep our doors locked since we have had wallets and other things stolen during out work days before we began locking the doors. I was in charge of answering the phones today, and would normally have been in charge of answering the door, too, since both of those responsibilities fall to the same person. But because I walk so slowly, our director got up to go to the door. In a couple of minutes, he came back and whispered to me, while one of our colleagues was praying, that there was a delivery for me. I went to the lobby and was surprised to see the beautiful floral arrangement, pictured above, in the hands of a young delivery man. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that friends from Cedarville had sent this unusual floral arrangement. What a lovely surprise, what beautiful flowers, and what a unique container! It was a gift that made my day.

Yesterday was an interesting day as I went with five other people to the memorial service of the mother of our church's administrative assistant in Fort Wayne. Becky's mother was 97 years old and must have lived her entire life in an effort to honor the Lord. What wonderful testimonies of her life were shared! It was a beautiful day to travel and the fall colors were gorgeous, although not yet at their peak. It's amazing how different it is to travel when someone else is doing the driving, an experience I don't often have.

Pray for us at Bibles International as we prepare for our annual Harvest Dinner, which will be held next Thursday, October 18. We usually have between 650-750 guests. It takes an enormous amount of effort to prepare for such an event. We want to honor the Lord through the evening and ask that you pray that we will do so.

You're probably aware that I plan to retire near the end of 2013. I have been diagnosed with a degenerating spine due to severe arthritis, and need to leave my home as soon as possible, since I have to climb 13 steps in order to get in and out. Please pray with me as I investigate senior housing. This is the most difficult decision I've ever made, mostly because I don't feel I know the Lord's will. My major question is whether I should retire in Michigan, where my church is, most of my friends are, and my medical community is; or whether I should retire in southern Indiana, where I have a few relatives. Please pray with me about this.
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Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

Certainly is a beautiful arrangement. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.

Susan said...

Awesome arrangement! I love it.