Friday, September 20, 2013

Indiana Travels and Family

 I left Grand Rapids early last Saturday morning. My first stop was at my older sister's house in Seymour, which is in south-central Indiana. Her birthday was this past Tuesday, but she and I celebrated it together by going out to the Cracker Barrel that Saturday evening.

I left her house the next morning, driving to Calvary Baptist Church in Huntingburg, Indiana. I had grown up in that church so it was good to see many people I've known for years. There were also new people there. I spoke briefly in the morning service, during the missionary moments. 

After church, the pastor and his family took me out to eat. At the restaurant, two former schoolmates, whom I hadn't seen in years and years, greeted me. It was so good to see them again.

On Sunday evening, I spoke at First Baptist Church in Princeton. That church has supported me throughout my thirty years with Baptist Mid-Missions.

After the service on Sunday evening, I drove to my younger sister's house outside of Boonville, Indiana. I've spent much of my time since arriving down here at her home, or at the home of one of my nieces, who lives next door to her mother.

It's been fun to be with my family. I've been able to meet my newest great-niece, who is now almost six months old. But I've been busy while with them, working on various Bibles International projects.

On Thursday noon, I spoke to the Women's' Missionary group at First Baptist Church in Princeton. They had asked me for gift suggestions earlier. When I got to the meeting, instead of buying one of the items on the list, they had gotten them all! I couldn't believe it. And they were expensive items -- two used hubcaps to replace those I had lost in earlier travels; a new three-quart, non-stick saucepan; and a new small, non-stick skillet. I'll think of those women every time I use the cookware, and probably every time I look at the hubcaps. I'm so thankful for these gifts.

After the meeting in Princeton, I drove to Petersburg, where I'm staying in the home of college classmates who are members of the church in Princeton. It's been fun visiting with them after all these years. (We graduated from Cedarville University in 1968, long before it was a university.)

I'll be in this area for another couple of weeks, speaking to other churches and ladies' groups. Pray for me as I thank these churches and share with them what God did through us, together. 
Pray also as I travel.

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Bobbi said...

Love the picture and the update ---you are one BUSY lady and that is what keeps us going. We HAVE to keep moving and God will take care of the rest. PTL