Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Last Supper

This has been a busy day. Among other things, I've worked on knitting a scarf to be sold at a bazaar at the senior housing facility in which I live, proofread a letter for someone at Bibles International, worked on missionary updates to be placed in the church bulletin on Sunday in my home church, and worked on updating prayer requests for the BI website. These things have kept me busy. In addition, there have been occasional visits from my two great-nephews who live next door to their grandparents, which brought special enjoyment to the day.

I still need to finish the scarf I'm knitting, finish preparation for the Bible study I will be leading next Tuesday evening, assuming the Lord gives me a safe trip back to Grand Rapids, and prepare for what I'll be sharing on Sunday evening at McCullough Grove Baptist Church in Oakland City, Indiana. And ... there are the thank-you notes to write to all those people who have been so kind to me during my days in southwestern Indiana.

Speaking of that, a friend took me shopping yesterday and we found a new outfit that fit me. Along with the joy and satisfaction of having a new outfit to wear this fall, I also had the satisfaction of buying a smaller skirt and sweater than I've worn in years. Maybe this sugar-free diet I've gone on in order to hold any lurking cancer cells in my body at bay, is paying off. (Perhaps you're wondering what the connection is. I learned after being diagnosed with cancer this spring that cancer cells feed on sugar. Knowing that, it wasn't too hard for me to give up sugar.)

This evening, my sister, brother-in-law, and I will go next door to my niece's house, where we will have one more meal together before I move on to visit at one more supporting church in this part of the state. It will be fun to eat with her family and get to spend time with her, her husband, and their four children. Lord willing, I'll be back here at Christmas time but I don't anticipate seeing them before then.

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