Sunday, November 2, 2014

Please Pray for my Friend!

I have my friend's permission to post this, asking for your prayers. I visited her and her husband yesterday evening, and this is the position in which I found her. But not only was it the position in which I found her last night. It's also the position in which she must rest throughout the day and into the night if she's unable to sleep in the bed created so that she can sleep face down.

You see, earlier this year she developed a hole in her macula (right eye). Her vision had progressively deteriorated in that eye so on Thursday morning she had surgery to correct the problem. Her doctor told her that to the degree that she complies with the recovery protocol, she can expect her vision to improve. That protocol is that she may have her head up five minutes out of every hour. The rest of the time her head must be down. She may not read anything.

She is a great example of how we ought to suffer. She never complained one time in the three hours I was with her yesterday. She did reply that her forehead is sore when I asked if she had pain. When she lifted her head, I noticed the red mark across her forehead from bearing the weight of her head on this contraption.

She must continue in this position, or lying down with her face in a similar contraption at the end of a mattress, through Thursday. If the recovery has been deemed successful when she sees the doctor, she may cease using these contraptions. Otherwise, this unpleasant (not her word, but mine) recovery may continue. Even if she is allowed to lift her head at the end of the week, she will still not be allowed to read.

Would you pray with me for her? She has helped me so many times, taking me to the hospital when I've needed surgeries or minor procedures. She sat through my nine-hour cancer surgery last year -- all of this because she is not only my friend but my power of attorney. Now it's my time to pray and help her to the limited degree that I can. So I'm seeking your prayer support for her.

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Susan said...

Praying for her -- how long the hours must seem! At least she is by a cozy fire. I hope there is pretty music playing, at least.