Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Well friends, I've now been back in Grand Rapids since late Thursday afternoon, 12-27-07. I'm thankful that I felt impressed to come back on Thursday, since we had enough snow on Friday to make the roads quite slick.

On Friday evening I noticed a significant amount of what I thought was sinus drainage. By Saturday evening I knew I was coming down with a cold. When I called my younger sister over the weekend, she told me that almost everyone staying at her house now has a respiratory infection of some kind. That's pretty phenominal, since there were about 15 of us there at one time or another. I guess that's an ideal way to pass viral infections from one person to another.

It was fun being together. There were people at my younger sister's home from California, Michigan, Texas and of course Indiana. I spent most of the time with my younger sister's family. Then on Wednesday all of us drove to a western suburb of Indianapolis where we met together with my older sister, her three daughters and their spouses and children. If I'm counting correctly, there were 27 of us together on Wednesday. I wonder if the Lord allowed our parents a peek down at us from heaven. If so, they must have been smiling to see all of us together. It doesn't happen very often.

Besides the Christmas celebrations we enjoyed, we also hosted a baby shower for my oldest nephew and his wife. They are expecting a baby on Leap Day. Most of us will not see them again until after that, so on Christmas night his sister and brother-in-law had all of us at their house and gave what we think was a surprise baby shower. Since the expectant couple were going to be flying back to Texas, most of us went together to get them a high chair which will be delivered to their home in Houston, along with board books and a few little outfits for their little girl. It was a fun time.

I'd love to post this with a picture of all of us but I have two problems with that: no digital pictures and I lack the know how to post pictures without help. (Don't laugh! I'm new at this.) Hopefully I'll learn how to post pictures soon.

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