Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As you can see, friends, it's been a while since I've posted. I have what is to me a good excuse, but I hate to admit it to those of you who cut your teeth on the edge of a computer. I had several problems. First, I had forgotten how to sign in. And secondly, I couldn't remember how to post. Now that I've had some help from one of the young men in our office who did cut his teeth on the edge of a computer, I'm back in business nevermore to forget what is necessary, I hope.

January up here in the north country has come in with a bang. Yesterday morning's commute was one of the worst I ever remember. But the Lord was gracious and got me safely to work which is what counts. It is snowing again today and the side streets in our neighborhood are slick this evening, but again I got home safely for which I'm grateful.

Near the end of 2007, the director of Bibles International (BI) called me into his office and told me he had chosen me to write a history of our organization. No amount of pleading and/or negotiating changed his mind. Although I thought quite a bit about the project between then and the end of the year, I didn't actually do any work on it until this month. Now I've begun gathering materials and have conducted two interviews. My office, which used to be fairly neat, is now full of historical or potentially historical material. Sifting through all of this will take some time. I'll also need lots of prayer and that's where you come into play. I hope I can count on you to pray while I do the work.

Well, I wouldn't want to shock any of you by putting up too much information, so I think I'll stop here. Thanks for dropping by.

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