Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Thankful on this Mother's Day

I'm thankful that I've finished another freelance proofreading job, and I've gotten it done on time. The deadline is tomorrow and I finished everything but the final paperwork late yesterday evening. I completed the final paperwork this evening, and have now loaded the work into my car for delivery tomorrow. Each time I finish one of these jobs, I have a sense of satisfaction. I'm grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity. I'm grateful for the friend who gave the publisher my name as a potential freelancer. I'm thankful I've been able to get it done on time. I'm thankful for the additional money that it brings. And I'm thankful that it's work I can physically do. So I have a lot for which to be thankful this evening.

It was a quiet Mother's Day for me. The little guy I raised in Africa has no idea that we celebrated Mother's Day today in America, and if he did, I don't know that he would feel a need to thank me for rescuing him back those many years ago. I don't even know that he remembers me, frankly. But he says he's a believer, that he's trusted Christ as his Savior. If that's true, I'll have all eternity in which to enjoy him!

I'm thankful for my mother. I couldn't tell her that, because she's now been in heaven for 13 years. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. And when we get together in heaven some day, I'll have the opportunity to tell her again.

So even though this was an uneventful Mother's Day for me, it was a good one because of all the things for which I'm thankful. Maybe it should have been Thanksgiving instead!

Tomorrow begins another work week. Who knows what it holds for us all? Perhaps the Lord will return, and that would change everything. I'm looking up. Are you?

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sfogle said...

I went back and read all your blogs. God has gifted you in writing and you are using that gift. Speaing of Mother's Day, we got news which I will share with you more privately. Have a really great day. Enjoy spring but save some for me. I don't want it to already be summer when we finally get back to MI.