Monday, May 19, 2008

The Water Problem is Fixed!

Thank you for praying with me about the water problem. The repairman has come and gone and repaired that easily. He says there was never any water running inside the house as I had thought. The only place it ran was between the siding and the foundation.

The issue of the larvae from the carpenter ants proved to be of much more concern to him. He took off trim in several places and pulled the carpet back to see if he could find the problem area. He didn't, so that is an ongoing problem. He's going to schedule an exterminator to meet him here. He said he may have to cut a hole into the wall to determine where they are working. So please continue to pray with me about that.

I'm still working on my proofreading job. I have about 650 more pages to do, and they are the ones that require the most work. So I'd appreciate your ongoing prayers for that.

Again, I thank you for your prayers concerning the water leak. I'm so glad it has been fixed.

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