Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

For many Americans, this is just a long weekend. I'm thankful for those who've fought for my freedom, and I honor them.

How am I going to celebrate this weekend? I have no particular plans. I'll just relax and be thankful for the extra time to rest. Having done as many proofreading jobs as I have lately, it seems unreal not to have that hanging over my head.

Speaking of proofreading jobs, when I picked up the last one on Friday, the 16th, they told me that it was due on Friday the 23rd. However during the week I got an email telling me that it had to be done by Wednesday. That's the first time the deadline has ever been moved up. By the grace of God, I was able to finish it on time and get it in to them by their new, shortened deadline.

The infestation with carpenter ants, or whatever it is, goes on. The contractor and exterminator met at my house on Friday afternoon. The exterminator tells me that I actually have two different pests that are working on the wood in my house. He took samples of them with him and will contact me on Tuesday to let me know what kind they are. Then we will decide what course of action is necessary. In the meantime all the furniture in my living room/dining room area is covered with plastic, in preparation for them cutting into my walls to see where the pests are working if they have to do that.

Again I want to thank you for praying for the Craig Throop family, Bibles International's missionaries in PNG. The family has been reunited in Hong Kong, where they are having medical tests done in preparation for a short furlough here in the US. As far as we know, Craig's kidney stone has been pulverized. When I get more news on them, I'll let you know.

Have a good weekend, and don't forget that the one who paid the greatest price for our freedom is Jesus Christ. He paid the ransom for our sin and gives eternal life to all who receive it from Him.

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