Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Great on the Way

You're probably wondering what this title means. Simply put, it means I'm going to be getting a new great niece tomorrow, Lord willing. My older sister, Sharon, is expecting a new grandbaby. Her youngest daughter, Ellen, is scheduled to have a C-section tomorrow morning. If all goes as planned, this will be my eighth great niece. I also have two great nephews.

Shown above are the grandchildren of my younger sister, Mary Ellen. The three older ones, all of whom are siblings, just got acquainted with their cousin a couple of weeks ago.

I've finished yet another section of a proofreading job which is why I have time to post again. I've made almost enough from this proofreading job, which has come in sections, to be able to pay my summer property taxes, which in Michigan are much greater than the winter ones. I'm thankful for the Lord's provision in this way.

Tomorrow a new work week begins. I pray it will be a good one for you, as well as for me. One of these days, we're going to hear the trumpet sound, and then our work on earth will be ended. I'm listening for the sound of the trumpet. What about you?

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Sarah said...

You have some good looking greats! Hope you're doing well!