Wednesday, December 17, 2008

California, Here I Come--or Maybe Not!

It's winter time in Michigan. They told us on the news this evening that we've had twice as much snow as normal for the entire month of December. (What a marvelous example of global warming. Not!) The snowfall so far this season is 27.8 inches in Grand Rapids, where the average annual snowfall is 72 inches. I'd say we're well on our way toward setting a new record for this season.

I'm going somewhere with this idea. I'm scheduled to fly out of Detroit Metro airport on Friday to go to my nephew's wedding in California. In case you're wondering why I would have chosen to fly out of Detroit when Grand Rapids has an international airport, I'll be happy to explain. The ticket was approximately half the cost if the flight originated in Detroit.

When I made the reservations, we hadn't yet had a flake of snow this season. And it's unusual to have as much snow as we have had this early in the season. Remember, winter hasn't even officially begun. Now the meteorologists are predicting as much as a foot of new snow between 10:00 tomorrow evening and noon on Friday. There is also the possibility of ice. How would you feel about driving 15o+ miles with that sort of weather forecast? They told us this evening that the snow might fall at the rate of 1-2 inches per hour. It would not be a fun scenario to be out driving in that kind of weather.

So I need your prayers. Pray with me that I'll make a wise decision about whether to attempt this or whether I should not even start the trip. Obviously I'd like to be there for my nephew's wedding and to visit with family. I'm sure my nephew would be disappointed if I'm unable to attend. But it would probably be unwise to start out in conditions that are being predicted to be extremely treacherous. So pray that God will give me wisdom. I don't want to be foolhearty!


Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

Wondering if you are in Grand Rapids or San Jose tonight?? It's in the mid 40s here tonight.

Susan said...

I hope you made it! We were without power for 4.5 days and many times I WISHED I were in CA! Merry Christmas!