Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November and Early December Events

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I'm sorry I'm so negligent in doing that.

November was a busy month again. How does it happen that I stack one busy month on top of another? It seems to be true that as you age, time just marches by faster. At my age, I feel as if it has stopped marching and has begun jogging!

I had a freelance proofreading job in November that kept me very busy while I worked on it. Other activities were the anticipation of possible jury duty. That never came to fruition however. I was dismissed each of the two days, even without appearing. All that was required of me was to call into the court system to check on whether they needed me those two days. Each evening when I called they assured me that I wasn't needed the next day.

On Thursday November 20 we had our annual Volunteer Luncheon at BI. This is a time when we thank those who have volunteered to help us throughout the previous year. These luncheons are always lovely. I'm so thankful I didn't have to miss this one due to jury duty. The meal was delicious. The gifts to the volunteers were lovely. My responsibility the day of the luncheon was to serve punch, which you see me doing in the top picture on the left. The second picture features Marilyn C., one of the ladies from my church who often volunteers, working with me on my prayer letters, as well as working on BI projects.

The bottom picture shows me surrounded by two volunteers that often work with me. Marilyn C. is on the left and Thelma B. on the right. I'm grateful for the work each of these ladies contributes. There are others who work closely with me, but I don't have pictures of them.

Other events have been the failure of my garage door opener, which meant I had to be released from my garage by a coworker, since the garage door is old, wooden, and very heavy; the ruining of my winter coat when sent to the dry cleaners, and the failure of my brakes, which meant I was once again a prisoner in my garage, since the car will not move if the brakes fail. (I'm not a mechanic, so please don't ask me to explain that statement. In my car, if the brake light doesn't work, I can't get the car out of park. If you need an explanation for that, you'd better call the Chrysler Corporation, since I certainly am incapable of giving you one. Then if you understand, maybe you could simply explain it to me. However if it's too complicated, I'm sure I'd never understand it anyway.) In all of these events, the Lord's hand has been obvious in the midst of what could have been a negative event.

Thanksgiving was a blessed event as well. I spent time watching the parade, watching the American Kennel dog show, and then visiting with fellow missionaries, Larry and Sallie Fogle, and their family. I enjoyed all three of those activities.

Another event that must not go unmentioned is our snowfall this autumn. Can you believe that even though winter has not yet officially begun, we've had more than 12 inches of snow? Since our average annual snowfall is 72 inches and we already have more than 1/6 of that, I'm hesitant to think of what this year might bring. If only Al Gore were to move up here, he might not have to be so concerned about global warming. I have seen no evidence of it since I've lived in Michigan! And if he were to live in my house, I can guarantee you that he wouldn't be concerned about it. I often wear a coat or jacket inside my home. I'm so grateful for an electric throw and an electric mattress pad.

Let's not get caught up in the materialism so often associated with the Christmas season. Instead, let's concentrate on the event we celebrate--Christ the Savior is born!
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Susan said...

I missed you at Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had a nice day. I like your sweater set in the top photo :)

Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

That car business sure is strange. What are you doing for Christmas? You are invited and welcome here.