Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter is Coming!

I've written about this before, but now I have the evidence to prove it. Whether or not the calendar says it's winter, it is! At least in the Grand Rapids area.

This is the second weekend we've had snow flurries. So it's time to pull out the long underwear, get out the electric fleece throw cover, turn on the electric mattress pad, and hunker down because it's here whether I'm ready or not.

Do you remember the game we used to play years ago, "Hide and Go Seek"? The phrase at the end of the countdown was, "Here I come, ready or not." Wasn't it? (Maybe I'm giving away my age. Maybe children no longer play that game. And maybe the wording has changed since those many long years ago when I played that game with my siblings.) Anyway the point of the matter is, winter is coming whether I'm ready or not.

The first picture is taken outside my kitchen window. It was the view I saw above my sink this afternoon. The second picture was the view from my living room window when I got up from my nap. While I love the snow when it lines the branches and leaves, I love it only from the inside of a building. Winter means colder temperatures, higher heating bills, riskier walking, more challenging driving, etc. But all of this is part and parcel of living in Western Michigan. Since this is where the Lord has called me, this is where I am, praying He'll take care of the aforementioned challenges.

The final picture is one of the clouds that carried our snow into this area. Remember, I have a thing about clouds? And one of my friends has a thing about the Lord returning on clouds. He didn't come back on these clouds this afternoon, but that doesn't mean He couldn't come tonight.

I had a rush proofreading job this weekend. I actually spent about 30 plus hours working on it, but it is done except to print the invoice and a letter to the editor with whom I work. That will have to be done tomorrow, as my home printer has an issue of some kind. Oh yes, I also have to load it in the car, which for me is a challenge requiring carrying it down the steps. Once again, I'm thankful to have these occasional proofreading jobs that help so much with monetary matters.

I have a prayer request to leave with you before finishing this. I've been called up for jury duty on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I firmly believe that Christians need to serve on juries so that their voices can be heard. I'm just concerned about what kind of case this is. Would you please pray with me that it would not be the kind that would keep me awake for days or months as I replay scenarios in my mind at bedtime? That is my major request. (And that I'll do a good job.)

Thanks for reading and praying with me. And remember, keep looking up! He might be on one of those clouds any day! So, here, there, or in the air!
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