Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Bible Study is Completed This Year

Our Bible study is now completed for this year. We routinely finish the year with a carry-in dinner. Our hostess is in food service, and she had decorated the tables for us. We studied Ruth and Esther this year, and you can see the appropriate decorations.

I have enjoyed leading the Bible study throughout the past X number of years--it may be six or seven. Several of the ladies have attended each of those years and we have developed a bond of love for each other. Some of them face some pretty huge challenges. Pray for them as they go through these challenges.

A big thank you is in order for our hostess this year, Kim. Thank you!

Tomorrow begins another work week if the Lord doesn't come back tonight. If He does, will I see you in the air, on your way up?

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Susan said...

I love a good Bible study ... I am glad you have such a nice group of ladies to meet with. The table decoration looks pretty neat!