Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joyful News

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I've written about Emmanuel, the child of my heart, on previous occasions. I took Emmanuel into my home as a newborn and raised him after his mother died in childbirth.

Yesterday I received the happy news that he had passed his exams to receive his BAC A2. That means nothing to most of you, but to me it means he passed his high school final exams. Actually, this is not quite like a high school diploma, because in French schools, they have a 13th year of school that is somewhat like the freshman year of college or university. Admittedly I worked in "the bush" when I was in Africa rather than in a city, but in my years over there, I never personally knew anyone who earned a BAC.

This evening I got a phone call from him. "Mother, this is Emmanuel." What an amazing thing to hear a child/man call me mother! It's something I'll never get used to, I'm sure. He was calling to tell me that he had passed his final exams and to talk about what he would like to do for further education.

This is where you come into the picture. He told me this evening that he would like to study English in an English speaking country, in a Christian university. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is finances, I would prefer that he not come to America to study, although it would be such fun to see him and get reacquainted with him. He asked, "Can you send me to South Africa?" I have no idea if or where there might be a Christian university in South Africa.

So please pray with me as we try to work through this challenge. Pray that the Lord will give me wisdom as I research Christian universities in Africa, and pray for the resources that will be necessary for his university education.

I'm thankful that I can count on you to pray with me about this. This child is dear to my heart, but he is also dear to the Lord's heart, and He has Emannuel's life all planned and can show us exactly what path he should follow.
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Susan said...

I will pray. I can imagine the mixed feelings involved, but it's awesome that he is doing well and wants to continue learning!

Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

Congratulations to Emmanuel. You have a right to be pleased with him.

Anonymous said...

That is very joyful indeed! It is great that he wants to keep going to school!