Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Latest Insect Invasion

If you've been a reader of my blog long enough, you know I've had several insect invasions in my house in suburban Grand Rapids, not on a farm somewhere in the middle of farming country. This is the latest one.

When I asked a college-aged girl to do some cleaning in my garage recently, she told me she couldn't because she had encountered bees from a nest she had found. Last week exterminators came for their regular, quarterly treatment (not something I hope to continue forever, but something it seems I need for the present). When the young man started moving things in the garage so that he could treat for the latest infestation, this is what he found. In order to give you a perspective, that is a folded umbrella for an outside table. (By the way, Wiley has paid me nothing for this advertisement!)
To give you more perspective on size, I'd estimate this nest to be at least as large as a soccer ball and perhaps larger. The young man told me he'd never seen a larger nest inside a building!

The top picture is the nest and the bottom is of many of the yellow jackets
that succumbed to the treatment.

On a completely different note, tomorrow morning, August 17, Bibles International personnel leave to gather at the Shack, a lovely bed and breakfast outside White Cloud, Michigan, for our annual meeting. It is always one of the highlights of my year.

We'll return to Grand Rapids on Wednesday, Lord willing. Then on Friday, August 21, I go into the hospital for a second knee replacement. I'm not at all looking forward to this, having gone through the procedure once. The rehab is very, very painful. I trust you'll be praying for me through the next weeks as I try to get back to normal, whatever that might be. Thanks for those prayers.
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Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

What lessons does God think you still need to learn regarding His creation, especially the insect kingdom? This one was again a surprise. We hope you are totally enjoying your Annual Shack excursion. We are praying for you for peace through the knee procedure.

Susan said...

Wow - that is pretty creepy!!!! We'll be praying for you this week. Our neighbors have both had knees replaced in the last year and have both been really happy with the results ... hopefully you will be also!

Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

Isn't it comforting to know that while you are away at the Shack, probably some Yellow Jackets will remain to keep your place occupied? A few weeks ago I was mowing under my pine trees when I must have mowed over a yellow jacket nest. They came barreling out and stung me several places - a first for me and I trust - a last!

Joy said...

That nest is huge...I'm glad I didn't get close enough to actually see the thing. Although I do remember seeing the umbrella. Hope you had a great time at the shack. I'll be praying for you as you have your surgery.