Friday, January 8, 2010

My Baby is Growing!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a recent picture of my little Precious. This little girl is proving to be such a sweet companion for me. In fact, we've bonded so much, it scares me. What would I do if I lost her? I've had other dogs, but none that meant as much to me as my little Precious. She is a real lap dog, sitting on my lap for as long as I stay seated. And she's so light; her weight is nearly imperceptible. At almost six months, she weights only two pounds and two ounces!
God has been good to give me such a loving companion. I pray we'll have many long years together.
On a completely unrelated subject, the snow is falling and the streets are miserable. I had to be out this evening until after dark. By that time, the streets had a thick coat of snow, and one had no idea where the lines were indicating where the lanes of traffic should be. I was very glad to arrive home safely.


Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

I am glad you found your "soul-mate"!

Susan said...

I can vouch for the fact that she IS very sweet ...