Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a Quick Update

No pics tonight, friends. Just a quick update to tell you where I am in my writing project. After about 15 drafts of the first chapter of the history book, I've moved on to chapter 2, and have made it through the end of 1982. Don't any of you laugh! At least I'm putting words on the paper.

My southern Indiana assistant continues to do research and hands me information that I need right where I am in the writing process, from time to time. Praise God for the help Cal and Bobbi are providing, even though she is working mostly on another project. It has definitely increased the speed at which I'm able to work.

Please continue to pray. Ask the Lord to bring to my mind the things I must include, to give me wisdom to write it fairly and clearly, and to do everything in such a way that the Lord will be glorified. Please pray too that I'll not be bothered with vertigo or pressure in my head from my sinuses.

And thank the Lord that during this period of time, meals have been provided for almost every meal except breakfast. What a blessing for a non-cook!

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