Friday, August 6, 2010

Odds and Ends

Another workweek has ended and I'm very tired. But the wonderful part is that we're now one week closer to the Lord's return than we were a week ago. How I long for that day! I trust you're looking forward to it too. If not, you could be. Ask me how to have the confidence that you'll meet the Lord in the air when He comes for His Bride, the Church. I'll be glad to tell you. It's not a secret.

Last week at this time, I was working on chapter three in my book. At this point, I'm still working on chapter three. I've done two very interesting interviews this week, one on Tuesday evening and one this afternoon. Both of the interviewees are early volunteers/employees of Bibles International. Each of them gave me an interesting perspective I'd not heard before. These interviews are invaluable.

One of the administrative assistants at Bibles International had a grandson born about a month ago with a diaphragmatic hernia. He had surgery within 24 hours of his birth, and did well following the surgery. But he was never able to leave the NICU, and his young parents never got to hold him until he was dying last Sunday night. His funeral is tomorrow. One of the other Bibles International missionaries and I plan to attend the funeral. Pray for his young parents. He was their firstborn.

Today has been such a pleasant day. Praise the Lord! I know our weather has not been as bad as it has been further south, but it certainly has been hot and humid, nonetheless. I'm so thankful that I can open the windows and let some of the cool, pleasant air come in this evening. I think it will be a good night for sleeping.

God bless you, each one.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good week on the book and weather-wise! This summer has been all too hot for me, but still I'll be sorry to see it go. So sad about your co-workers' grandson - I didn't know the baby died :(
What is new with Precious?

Susan said...

Oops - the above comment was me!