Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Quick Update

I want to give just a brief update. I finished the rough draft of chapter three of the Bibles International history book yesterday afternoon and emailed it to my first proofreader. The director, my third proofreader, is supposed to send chapter two back to me tomorrow. I started chapter four yesterday afternoon, although I got less than one page done on that chapter. I must pick up the pace in order to get this work done by February, which is my deadline. Pray with me about that, please.

My housemate, Hye Ree, is from Seoul, Korea. She plans to fly home tomorrow for the first time in two years. She and her family will be celebrating her father's 70th birthday. Pray she'll have safe travel as she goes. Her flight will be direct from Chicago, lasting 13 1/2 hours, if all goes well.


Susan said...

I will pray for a great time for Hye Ree! Sounds like you are making good progress on the history :)

Yvonne Blake said...

Nice "meeting" you, Elaine. I feel honored to be part of the BI team, as a writer.

I'm also writing a story about Fernando Angeles, that I hope can be made into a book for young people and a missionary story for VBS. We've finished the rough draft. Hopefully, we can have it printed before the end of 2011.