Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rough Draft of Another Chapter Completed!

Rejoice with me that I've finished the rough draft of chapter seven this evening. I'm more than halfway through the rough drafts if I write only 12 chapters. I'm halfway through if I write 13 chapters, as I'd like. However, I continue to spend four weeks on each chapter and you can do the math as well as I. There are not enough weeks left if this is to be finished by the end of February, as I've been told it needs to be. Please be in prayer for me. I got up shortly after five this morning because I couldn't sleep. Besides, I had determined that I must finish chapter seven today. Please pray that I'll be able to get through these chapters more quickly.

The meteorologists are predicting that we will have measurable snow, and perhaps treacherous driving, on Thanksgiving Day and the day afterward. I've been invited to go to Jackson, Michigan, to celebrate Thanksgiving Day there. Since the drive takes more than an hour, close to two hours I think, I'll be staying in my little house alone with my sweet Snookums if it is slick, or if the radar shows approaching snow. Maybe the Lord would keep me here so that I can get more writing done.

Bibles International is poised to begin three new translation projects that are projected to be among the most expensive we've ever undertaken, and Michigan continues to be in a financial slump, as does much of the country. Pray with us for God's provision for His work here.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Remember to thank Him for all He's given you.

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Cheryl Elmer said...

So glad you are making progress, Elaine, but so sorry for your lack of sleep. I have the same problem at particular times of the year. Snickers and I are keeping company, so I know how much you enjoy your pup! See you tomorrow, probably!