Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Here, Ready or Not!

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As you can see from this radar view, courtesy of WOODTV8, we have snow throughout our area. It's December, so we should expect this, but I wasn't ready for it.

From the sound of news reports around here, I wasn't the only one who wasn't ready. At one point this morning, there was a nine-car pile-up in Grand Rapids. I'm glad I wasn't one of the people involved in that mess. Once I got into my garage this evening, I thanked the Lord profusely that I had arrived home safely.

I'm working on chapter eight of the history book, more than half done with it. Please continue to pray with me as I persist in my work, plowing my way through the historical documents. I'm enjoying the process, but wish I had a few more months in which to complete the project. The deadline for me is the end of February. It needs to be done by that time because we want to have it for our 30th anniversary which is July 15, 2011. Pray that I'll not only be able to complete it on time, but that it will be God-honoring.

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Susan said...

Roads were really bad here Wed. night when I took Sophie to dance - no road crews or salt out yet. I was very grateful to make it back to the garage as well!
What a celebration you'll have at the end of Feb. and again this summer!!