Friday, January 28, 2011

One Month from Today!

Today is January 28, 2011. What is one month from today? One month from today is February 28. And what is February 28? February 28 is the day on which my book is supposed to be completed. Help!

I finished chapter 10 this evening before leaving work. And I have one sentence written in chapter 11. I must write at least 12 chapters, plus acknowledgments. I would like to write a lengthy appendix as well, listing each of the projects we've undertaken through the years. But I'm pretty certain that will not happen. Up until now, I've been spending about four weeks on each chapter. So you see, I'm up against a wall.

As I left the office this evening at about 6:05, I said to my (South Korean) housemate, who was still working there, "I'm wiped out!"

She replied, "I'd like to say that word but I can not."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I still have work to do," she replied.

Well, guess what! So do I.

I have some friends who are dangling a carrot in front of my nose. They're planning to take me to Roanoke and Williamsburg, Virginia, near the end of March. It's supposed to be a sort of reward. I have friends living in Roanoke, and I've always wanted to see Williamsburg.

Please pray for me as I enter the home stretch. I need courage and strength, and the ability to think clearly.

On an entirely different note, we're scheduled to have another snowfall this evening. We've not had nearly as much snow as usual, but we've had snow almost every day this month in small amounts. I'm ready for sunshine.


Susan said...

That is awesome! The trip sounds wonderful. I will pray that you can get finished up without too much stress.

Kathy Sturgis said...

Hang in there. Maybe that is why the Lord snowed you in your house. Can hardly wait to read what you wrote
Kathy Sturgis