Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emmanuel, Child of my Heart!

Greetings to you from Michigan, where the temps were in the fifties this week, and tomorrow we're expecting as much as nine inches of snow followed by ice. We're being warned that we may lose power before the storm is over. Pray for us! I don't like being without power in the winter.

The news from Emmanuel continues to concern me. While he is not as physically agitated as before, he is still talking incoherently. They are going to try a new medication. If that does not help, he will probably have to be hospitalized. But that would be difficult. Someone would have to stay with him at the hospital, since hospitals in third-world countries do not provide meals or nursing care. Please join me in praying that the Lord will either heal him directly, or use the medication to heal him, if it would please Him. Knowing how people with mental/emotional problems are treated there, I would certainly not want that to happen to him. By the way, the picture above is of Emmanuel and some of his adoptive family and friends. Emmanuel is the second from the left, wearing the blue shirt with orange and yellow figures in it. His adoptive brother-in-law, with whom he is living, is the tall, bald man near the right edge of the picture. Please pray for him and his wife, too--Marcellin and Ruth. Caring for someone who is irrational and incoherent is not easy.

Bibles International's director has asked me to put aside my book writing for the time being to take up another, more urgent assignment. This means that the book will not be completed on schedule. Please pray I'll have it done before time to leave on vacation. I spent much of my last vacation writing. I don't want to do that on the upcoming one.
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Yvonne Blake said...

Hi, I didn't realize that you are a writer, too. What is your book about?

Elaine said...

Yvonne, Dr. Bernard has asked me to write the history of Bibles International. It was supposed to be completed by the end of this month, but that will not happen since I've gotten the more urgent assignment.

Yvonne Blake said...

Oh...I think either you or Connie told me that before. That's a big project!
(an urgent assignment? that sounds

Susan said...

Praying for Emmanuel! It's neat that you can get updates on him - how do you get them? I can't believe they've pulled you off the history - I hope you enjoy the new project. And yes, praying that you'll be able to have the book finished and not hanging over your head, so you can really enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

That bearded guy looks familiar :) They were our neighbors, years ago.

Mary Lynn

Elaine said...

Yes, I think you're right!