Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Continue Praying!

I'm exhausted as I write this, which probably means there will be many errors in it.

My exhaustion is based on at least two factors, I'm sure. As I wrote in my last post on this blog, our director at BI asked me to set aside writing on the history of BI to create two other very important documents. I worked on them over the weekend and yesterday, completing the last one at about 9:00 yesterday evening. This morning when I went to work, the second document was not on my jump drive. What a disappointment! When I got home and did a search on my computer at home, it was not here either. I've been having trouble with my Word program not closing properly. Even though I had attempted to save the document many times throughout the day, it did not really save. So I had to recreate the second document today, starting from scratch. I've now completed it, but I'm exhausted.

The second cause for exhaustion is the sad word that came to me from the Ivory Coast, today, about Emmanuel. On Saturday, he seemed better, cleaning the church building in the morning. But Saturday night he left the house after Marcellin and Ruth went to bed, going out and getting into some one's car. Again the police were called. When Marcellin went to rescue him, the police asked why he, Marcellin, didn't have some kind of document to prove that Emmanuel is mentally ill. So it seems that Marcellin and Ruth are exhausted from his care, as I can well imagine they are, and they are going to hospitalize him in a mental hospital not far from their home. It is not either of the two that has been recommended to me by missionary friends living there. I fear for the kind of care he will receive there. I could tell you of the horrors I saw in American mental hospitals in the 1960s. I would not even want to imagine the horrors that might occur in an African mental hospital.

In spite of his continued downward spiral, God can still intervene. Please join me in praying that He will do so. Also, please pray with me that I will be able to commit this to the Lord and leave it there. It is so easy to drag your sacrifice back off the altar, once it has been placed there, figuratively speaking!

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