Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank You, Father

By now you've all heard of the tornadoes and damaging winds that tore through southern Indiana, among other places, yesterday afternoon. Most of my readers know I still have family living in that area. I'm praising the Lord that all of them are safe. One niece and her husband had minor property damage outside their home. While it is disappointing that they experienced that, in light of what many others endured, it is negligible. My younger sister is a substitute teacher. As they were taking cover at the school in which she was teaching, the principal informed them that a tornado had just gone over the school. Thankfully, it did not touchdown there. She was unable to take the highway home yesterday evening. There is much strip mining in the area where they live, and she was forced to drive through those strip mines in order to get home. Still, hearing that all are safe is wonderful news.

The most poignant story to me is that of the toddler who was found in a field about 10 miles from her home. She was evacuated to the Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY, without anyone knowing her identity. It turns out that her entire immediate family was killed and she is in critical condition. If she lives, what will her emotional condition be after such trauma?

Last week was a busy week for me at Bibles International--nothing spectacular, just busy. Praise the Lord that our members who are overseas are safe and one returned safely from a southeastern Asian country. Please continue to pray with us as we look forward to printing 10 more Scriptures this year, as the Lord wills.

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Susan said...

I heard just a bit about the tornadoes ... I'm thinking they were mostly near the KY line? Glad the relatives made it through safely. I read about the baby being discovered 10 miles from home too. I would love to learn more ...