Monday, February 20, 2012

Around the World with Bibles International

We have an unusual number of people out of our office and on the go around the world now. We have four young ladies in a southeastern Asian country right now, with a married couple on the way to that same country. The Caucasian working above is either in that same country or in India. One couple is working in the Philippines. One man is on his way back from Africa via Europe. One man leaves tomorrow for two African countries. And one of our young ladies is in France, studying French in preparation for work in Chad, Africa, where the national language is French. In addition to these I've mentioned, we have the usual number overseas - those who live there.

In a world that is pretty topsy-turvy, where right is often seen as wrong, and wrong as right, I ask you to pray with us for the safety of these people. Some of them leave a spouse behind as they travel. Pray for peace for the spouse who must stay behind.

And ask the Lord to help as our representatives work in a culture that is different from the American culture. Ask Him to give grace and love in their interactions with people in these far-away places.

*Thanks to Dr. Troy Manning for the above photo.

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Susan said...

I always have BI on my prayer list. How exciting to work in the midst of all that!