Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pray for Us, Please!

This is a picture of the Bibles International team in Grand Rapids. (There are many, many more serving around the world, people I'll probably never meet until we get to heaven.) We need your prayers. In the past month, one of the men had to have surgery on his head, to relieve bleeding from his brain. One man fell on his face, landing on cement. He had a concussion and dislocated three fingers, two of which are fractured. One man sprained his ankle and was on crutches for a time. One man is retiring and moving to Iowa. And one of the men has resigned and is moving away to take up a new position with another ministry.

This has a definite impact on us, as you can imagine. So we're asking you to pray for us. We believe it may be because we have so many Scriptures ready to be printed. Satan doesn't like it when God's Word goes out into the world, sometimes to places that have never before had His Word. Please pray a hedge of protection about us.

Thank you for caring.

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Susan said...

I'll be praying. It's nice to see a photo!