Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Holland Tulip Festival

 It ought not to be so difficult to do something I've done dozens of times before. But since those who host programs such as and insist on changing their technology, even when it is working just fine, I am constantly challenged. It has taken an inordinate amount of time for me to post these three pictures. I've tried doing it on two different computers, and have finally succeeded on this one (I believe), but not without an enormous amount of frustration.

I had to go to Holland on Monday, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy the tulips that are in bloom. I assure you, these pictures do not do the flowers justice. I should have gotten out of the car to take the pictures, but since it was raining, I decided not to do that. They were so beautiful that at times I just had to stop and thank the Lord for their beauty. If things on earth are this breathtaking, what will heaven be like?

I have two things I'm going to share with you that are answers to prayer. One is that our text editor who fell on the ice causing an internal hemorrhage in his skull, is back to work. He is only working part time, but in light of the fact that he was told it might take eight months for him to be back to normal, it is amazing that he is doing as well as he is less than two months following his surgery. So we are all grateful for that.

And we are rejoicing that another New Testament has gone to the printer. This one is the Chakma, which is a language spoken in India. Rejoice with us that very soon another people group will have their copy of the New Testament in their language.

Please continue to pray for us. There is a price to be paid for doing work that makes the devil unhappy. And he is unhappy when God's Word is being sent into parts of the world that he has previously controlled. Some of us are baring the brunt of his anger.

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Susan said...

So beautiful! We went to Holland once, very briefly, but it wasn't in springtime. I'd love to see it this time of year. Great news on your colleague's recovery. I'll pray about the translation work.