Friday, June 29, 2012

Dedicatory Service for the Inpui New Testament


At BI, we continue to rejoice over the dedication of the Inpui Naga New Testament in Northeast India this past Monday afternoon. Our representative, Eric Elmer, is shown in the top photo. In the second photo, the representatives from Bibles International India Society are shown joining in praise at the dedication service.

Today was Projects Manager Bob Thompson's last day in the office. He will be moving to North Carolina next week to begin a new ministry. We will certainly miss him, but wish God's best for him and his wife, Deb, as he becomes executive director of Baptist Home Mission in eastern North Carolina.

As we wait for the Lord's return, which I believe will be very soon, we at Bibles International are working as hard as possible to continue translating God's Word into the languages of the people around the world who still wait to hear from His Word in their language. With a dozen or more Bibles on my shelves in my home and office, it is easy to forget that many are still waiting to hear God's Word in a language they understand. The fact that millions still wait for that privilege is what drives us.

Please continue to pray. Nonprofit organizations face an increasingly difficult challenge as they try to do their work as efficiently as possible with dwindling resources. Giving is down at BI, as it is in other nonprofit organizations. God still owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Please pray with us that He will provide all that we need. And pray that He will give us the strength to continue to do His work until He returns. It could be today!

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Larry and Sallie Fogle said...

Good blog. Bob will truly be missed.