Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Part of Our Team on the Other Side of the World

Photo: Pictured here is the group working on the Ranglong Old Testament Linguistic Workshop in India. We see Dr. Connie Champeon with her team: Kim Hibbard, Debbie King, and several interns, along with Peter Ranglong and others. They are doing word checking in this linguistic workshop.
Part of Our Team Working in Northeast India

As we are at work here in Grand Rapids, we have representatives working in many other places in the world. Here, a team works to prepare the Ranglong Bible for publication. There is much work that is never considered by the average Joe Blow church member. For example, is the spelling of a certain word consistent wherever it appears throughout the Bible? Are parallel passages translated the same each place they appear? Is the plural form of words always consistent? Many other questions go into the work of translating and preparing a Bible for publication. That's why it takes years and years in order to complete a Bible in the mother tongue of people groups around the world.

We heard a very encouraging report this morning as chief language consultant Troy Manning told of his recent trip to Africa, where he met with representatives from several of our translation projects. We rejoiced to hear that one project that has been stalled for some time seems to be moving in the right direction. Troy also reported that in one country, the government is paying Bible school students to teach literacy. Their text? The New Testament! Praise God! While it appears we are losing some of our freedoms here in the USA, new doors seem to be opening in other countries of the world. Please continue to pray with us that we would be able to continue this translation ministry until the Lord returns.

On a personal note because several have asked, I'll tell you that I'm planning on spending part of my Thanksgiving Day with a couple, both of whom were students at Cedarville (College) University when I was on staff there many years ago. In God's providence, they are now members of the same church I attend here in Grand Rapids, Good News Baptist Church. The rest of the day will be spent editing/proofreading a book someone has asked me to do.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thess. 5:18. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering to give thanks to the Lord 
for all He has done on our behalf. 

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