Monday, January 7, 2013

A Wonderful Christmas Celebration

I'm traveling back to Michigan after a wonderful time spent with much of my family at the home of my younger sister in southwestern Indiana outside of Evansville. There were 22 of us there most of the time. For one day, my older sister and one of her daughters and husband joined us, making it 25. You can imagine that cooking for that crew was a challenge! Thankfully Mary Ellen's daughter lives next door, so they share cooking responsibilities. The other daughter and some of the daughters'-in-law also helped, and all the women were chased out of the kitchen/dining area the day we celebrated Christmas, while the men did the cleanup! That was a first, but one I would hope would be revisited in the future.

Before we left there, we had a baby shower for Mary Ellen's oldest daughter/second child, who with her husband and three children are awaiting the birth of a surprise addition to their family, near the end of March. It was fun. Husband Kevin's mother was also there and seemed to really enjoy the event. The first picture shows the afghan I made for the new baby, a little girl. It's my first crocheted project in years and I would never have completed it if it were not for the help of one of the women in our church. Thank you, Avice.

The second picture shows Rebekah, Kevin, and their three children.

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Susan said...

Beautiful blanket and I'm very impressed you made it!