Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Singing in my Heart!

I had an appointment with my primary oncologist's office personnel this afternoon. I saw her physician's assistant, who is very good. I left the office thanking the Lord and singing in my heart. The news was soooo good! She just kept saying how good I looked and how much better I appeared than the last time she had seen me. Well, I would hope I would look better; she hasn't seen me since I left the hospital, and I assure you I didn't look very good in the hospital. I didn't see myself there, but judging from how I felt, I'm sure I didn't look good.

She said I look so good, in fact, that she's extending the time periods between visits to their office to six months, rather than the three-month-intervals they first indicated. Results of all the exams were good, too. Praise God! She told me several times that she was glad to see me looking so much better than I had in the hospital.

As I drove home, a feat in itself since the oncologist's office is right downtown, which I try to avoid at all costs since I have no idea where I'm going down there, I sang in my heart. The song that came to my mind is one I've sung many times in years gone by:

God is so wonderful, I can't explain,
But I can say:
Glory, hallelujah, praise His holy name.

I trust you'll thank Him with me. He has been so very gracious to me, I simply do not know how to praise Him enough. Let's all raise our voices together to thank Him for what He's done on my behalf.

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Rebekah said...

Glory, Hallelujah! Amen!