Thursday, July 24, 2014

God is so wonderful;
I can't explain.
But I can say glory hallelujah,
Praise His holy name!

This is the song that came to mind as I drove home from my visit with the nephrology oncologist yesterday. I didn't really see the oncologist; I haven't seen him since right before I went into surgery on May 30, 2013. But his PA gave me such a good report. The ultrasound showed no return of the cancer, although I do have two cysts in my kidney. As long as they don't change, there will be no problem. And because that particular tumor was so small, and had clean edges when they removed it, meaning no cancer had gotten into the rest of the kidney or any other part of my body, she told me that they'll do one more ultrasound, a year from now. If it is still clear, they will consider me cured. Praise God! He's been so good to me! As the chorus says, I truly cannot explain why He has been so good to me when I hear of so many others who are years younger and are dying of cancer. I guess He simply is not yet ready for me.

On a completely different note, it's been a great time to be at Bibles International. We've sent two new New Testaments to the printer. The dedication for these two New Testaments is set for November. Please pray with us that they will have been printed by that time. These two people groups in Asia are eagerly awaiting having God's Word in their heart languages in a book they're able to hold in their hands and read. Pray that God would use His Word to accomplish His purposes in the hearts of many who will read these New Testaments.

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Susan said...

Yay! Good news! I agree, the Lord's work is often inexplicable ...