Monday, January 28, 2008

The History Project Advances Slowly

I am so grateful for friends who are helping me with the history project. This is my friend, Dorothy, who drove from Cleveland, Ohio, to help with the research for the project. She arrived around noon last Monday and has quietly worked with few questions. She plans to leave on Wednesday and the weather looks unpredictable for that day, so pray for her as she goes back.

As for my other work, I finished translating chapter 12 of the linguistics manual today. Just before leaving I began proofreading it and will return to that work tomorrow.

I also got an estimate for the body work on my car today. Two weeks ago this past Friday someone hit the back of my car when I was at a stop light. Since I've only had the car since June I wanted to get it repaired, but it's been so snowy I've been afraid to go out and get an estimate. Today the temperature went up to the 40s and the snow started melting so that gave me the opportunity to get my car checked.

I'd like you to pray for my nephew, JD, and his wife. They're expecting a baby near the end of February but she's having some problems and has been put on strict bed rest. Would you pray for her and their little girl? Thanks.

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