Friday, March 7, 2008

An Interesting Day

Hi, All.

It seems as if the daily quotient of snow has finally ended. I could not be happier! Although I'm sure we've not had all the snow we will get, at least it is not falling on a daily basis. February was a record-breaking month as far as cloudiness, wetness, and snow fall accumulation are concerned.

Today has been an interesting day. Several days ago a young missionary friend of mine called to say that she would have outpatient surgery today and would need some help following the surgery. Knowing that I'm a nurse, she asked if I would help. Of course I told her I would. She drove here this morning, left her car at my house, and then directed me to the doctor's office for the outpatient surgery on her eyes. I got to watch a part of the surgery from outside the surgery room. It was very interesting. It was visible on a large screen, since I couldn't see anything except her body lying on the table.

Within a few minutes following the procedure, I was able to get her out to the car and bring her back to my house, where she's been keeping her eyes closed most of the day, as she was instructed to do. It's been fun visiting with her, doing a little cooking for her, and a few other things. I'm thankful that I could take a vacation day and be available to help her in this way. It's reminded me of why I enjoyed working as a nurse. I only wish I could do it more often--but not on a regular basis. I'm beyond that point now.

So Monday I'll be back to work at Bibles International. I've now completed the rough draft of every chapter in the French linguistics book. I'm translating the preface, introduction, and other material such as that now.

I'm also doing a lot of research for the history project. I've found some very interesting testimonies and I'm thankful for that because I want to include them in the book. Please continue to pray that I'll be able to complete this project before my retirement.

Until next time ...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm sure she was very grateful for your help. It sounds like it was a neat situation for you both. I am also glad that spring finally may be slowly appearing ...??